Information for former shareholders of Atlantic Gold NL

AGB Share Price Information for Australian Taxation Considerations under the Scheme of Arrangement

“As contemplated by Section 9.2 (2)(a) of the Scheme booklet published by Atlantic Gold NL and sent to its shareholders dated June 26, 2014, the market value of a New Spur Common Share on the Implementation Date was C$0.28 (A$0.275) and the market value of a New Spur Share Purchase Warrant on the Implementation Date was C$0.06 (A$0.06).”  As stated in section 9.1 of the Scheme booklet, Atlantic Shareholders should obtain, and only rely upon, their own professional tax advice about the consequences of the disposal of their Atlantic Shares for New Spur Common Shares and New Spur Share Purchase Warrants including the market value of the New Spur Share Purchase Warrant.